VISION Cloud At The International Conference on Cloud Computing

The conference provided an extensive overview about current trends in cloud computing. Here is a short interview with Prof. Massimo Villari, who made a speech as a Keynote Speaker.

On September 26th, IT experts gathered for the 2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing, GRIDs and Virtualization in Rome. The conference was attended by more than 150 visitors from around the world.
Massimo Villari, who is overseeing research work of the University of Messina in two current cloud projects (Reservoir and VISION Cloud) provided an extensive overview about current trends in cloud computing, outlooks and future questions.
Main points of the talk covered the current differentiation of possible cloud scenarios for a number of uses. Furthermore, future perspectives such as cloud connected cars and kitchens are pointing to interesting scenarios.
We wanted to know more and conducted a short interview with him:
1. Your opinion: What is the state of cloud computing at this moment?
Regarding Cloud Computing, we are assisting to two main different behaviors, reflecting the industry‘s as well as academia‘s efforts. The former is much more active and practical, and thanks to implementations of simple cloud services (such as in Amazon, Rackspace, Azur, etc), they are making real and good businesses. Taking academia into consideration, researchers are still looking at the meaning of the Cloud, and many of them are just realizing that it is good to assess new cloud technologies. However, in the academia we can find some good exceptions where many progresses are made, especially in Europe.
2. In your keynote, you point out broader uses of cloud computing, such as cloud connected cars or kitchens. Can you describe your opionion on such models - how viable are such visions?
The buzzword „Cloud“ is widely used for representing the innovation in many areas. Even in sectors where it may not make sense. However, having the Cloud everywhere is good, because if you take a look at the GARTNER Hype Cycle, the peak of expectation becomes less high, and it is spread in many more years. Making a similarity with the Stocks Market, Cloud offers a very-well differentiate portfolio containing many investments, if some companies (sectors) might fail, others might not. At the end Cloud will succeed.
3. Regarding the Rome conference: How was the sentiment among speakers and delegates, what where the topics discussed the most?
Currently, "Cloud" is a hot topic indeed. In that venue (Rome), in four days, many parallel tracks were presented (e.g. Patterns, Contents, Computation Tools, Software Services, Cognitive, etc.).
If you are interested in the Program, you can have look at it here. My speech was the first and it was fully attended, even by people quite far from Cloud Technology. During the panel session, I moderated and the attendees posed many questions in order to understand how cloud might fit in more research areas (sensor network, Grid, HPC, Services, and so on). Finally Thursday night I received the IARIA Fellowship as Cloud Expert:
Prof. Massimo Villari received his PhD in 2003 Computer Science School of Engineering and the Laurea degree (bachelor’s degree masters) in 1999 in Electronic Engineering, University of Messina, Italy. Since 2006 he is an Aggregate Professor at University of Messina. He is actively working as IT Security and Distributed Systems Analyst in cloud computing, virtualization and Storage for the European Union Projects ”RESERVOIR” and "VISION-CLOUD". 
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Prof. Dr. Massimo Villari