White Paper: Cloud Computing and Media Companies

In the media use case for VISION Cloud we researched existing solutions and asked one question: What is missing from todays offerings? Download our White Paper here.

Note: Download the White Paper on Media Clouds here
Why this White Paper and what is the scope?
Cloud computing is an over-used buzzword by now. Because: While the benefits of these concepts are pretty clear, there is a need to break down the benefits for practical work for certain industries. Healthcare, telecommunication and media share some organizational aspects, but when it comes down to daily workflows, there are lots of differences.
Big Question: What is there and what is missing?
In the VISION Cloud media use case we aimed to get a better understanding of the status quo and the future outlook. For that purpose we looked at a number of differen platforms, based on a dedicated cloud-based workflow developed in our project. 
The idea is simple: When producing content there are a number of distinctive phases - initial production of raw material, followed by ingestion of into systems, a need to filter the usable parts, production, digital publishing and so on. 
Whitepaper: What if you could start from scratch?
Today we are offering the (early) results of the first year work in the VISION Cloud media use case as a free download. The paper is neither perfect nor complete. But it provides an overview of what is there and might get us to some ideas how to define the missing parts for a future workflow in media newsrooms, based on cloud computing and cloud storage. 
One thing we can claim is: There is no bias, no marketing pitch in this. Instead we looked at both the more theoretical concepts for cloud computing and tried to understand how they might relate to the media future (e.g. IaaS, PaaS, private clouds, public clouds, etc.). In a second step we explicitly looked at solutions which are already out there, such as Amazon's AWS, Dropbox, Edit/Share and some, lesser known 
To clarify: The work done for the White Paper is a by-product of the research  to define a next-generation storage concept for cloud computing, which is the main focus of VISION Cloud. The media use case is one the areas where we aim to contribute to better the solutions.
Parts from the research have been included in the official EU reporting of the project, which is approaching the end of its first year.  
Partners working in the media use case are the innovation departments of Deutsche Welle and RAI
Share your thoughts
If you have suggestions, additions or would like to point to other, better solutions and concepts that could help to use cloud computing for media companies, please get in contact with us. We are very open to exchange and collaboration with start-ups, media companies and researchers interested in this field. 

Mirko Lorenz
Edited by:
Linda Rath-Wiggins
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