Data-intensive Storage Services on Clouds: Limitations, Challenges and Enablers

Chapter in a book about European Research Activites in Cloud Computing, to be published in March 2012. Main topic are future innovations in this particular field.

Title: Data-intensive Storage Services on Clouds: Limitations, Challenges and Enablers

Authors: E. Kolodner, A. Shulman-Peleg, D. Naor, P. Brand, M. Dao, A. Eckert, S. Gogouvitis, D. Harnik, M. Jaeger, D. Kyriazis, M. Lorenz, A. Messina, A. Shribman, S. Tal, A. Voulodimos, Y. Wolfsthal

Publication: European Research Activities in Cloud Computing Book

Editors: Dana Petcu and JoseLuis Vasquez Poletti

Publishing Date: March 2012



The emergence of cloud environments has made feasible the delivery of on-line computational services that provide access to virtualized resources. However, current approaches do not tackle key issues related to cloud storage, which are of major importance given the amount of data produced by various sources (e.g., smart phones, cameras, social networks). In this chapter we discuss the challenges of providing optimized data-intensive storage services and enablers to meet them. We are building a scalable and flexible infrastructure facilitating a new data model to raise the abstraction level of storage, and allowing data mobility, computational and content-centric access to storage as well as mechanisms for cost-efficiency with provisions for QoS and security guarantees. Here, we describe the need for these innovations and present the technologies and architectural enablers that are introduced in order to support them. Finally, we demonstrate how these technologies and innovations address a large spectrum of use cases and economic and business trends.

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Edited by:
Mirko Lorenz


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