Expert asks: Where Is The Safety Belt For Cloud Computing?

Professor Massimo Villari, University of Messina, will be presenting the VISION Cloud project at conference in the US. We asked: What is missing from todays offerings?

This week the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) will gather in Reston, Virgina in the US to discuss current and future cloud concepts
Strong presence of EU representatives
This year there is a notably strong presence of EU representatives. For example, Jean-Francois Junger, Head of Sector in DG Information Society and Media will talk about the roadmap for cloud computing in the European Commission for 2012. 
VISION Cloud presented in panel discussion
On behalf of the VISION Cloud Project, Massimo Villari, Professor at the University of Messina in Italy, will join a panel of international experts covering Global Sector Cloud Computing on March 19, 2012. We asked him in advance about the big things missing from todays cloud computing concepts. 
His answer: "For me the biggest challenge is that allowing Cloud Players can make their business without a need to "commodify" end-users. Considering a metaphor from car makers, Standard Setting Organizations (SDOs) need to make strong decisions - as to introduce the "safety belt" - which are really important for end-users, but costly for Cloud Players. It is time to differentiate cloud offerings and to reduce monopolies."
What is the CSCC?
The Cloud Standards Customer Council is one of several new associations aiming to ensure adherence to certain standards and technical frameworks. 
More specifically the CSCC aims to "complement existing cloud standards efforts and establish a core set of client-driven requirements to ensure cloud users will have the same freedom of choice, flexibility, and openness they have with traditional IT environments." (Source:
The CSCC was founded by companies like IBM, Kaavo, Rackspace and Software AG. Meanwhile some big corporations have joined, the list incluedes Lockheed Martin, State Street and institutions like the North Carolina State University. See their current member list here.

Mirko Lorenz