Enterprise Storage Summit At BrightTALK

VISION Cloud will participate with a presentation about storage clouds: Limitations, Challenges and Enablers

As part of our dissemination activities, VISION Cloud will take part in the Enterprise Storage Summit that will be hosted on June 13th.
About the event
The Enterprise Storage Summit is an online event at which storage thought leaders will present their findings and share their expertise with peers via webinars. It will be an interactive event in which the audience can join live and ask questions during the sessions. The event is free to attend, around 1000-1300 participants are expected.

The EU-funded project VisionCloud will be represented by Mr Hillel Kolodner, IBM.
Abstract of the webinar:  
The explosion of personal and organisational digital data, in particular fixed content, is one of the most important trends of the decade. Generated data is growing faster than the ability of humanity to store it.
In parallel with the explosion of digital data, our society has become critically dependent on services to extract valuable information from the data and drive decision making by individuals, businesses and government, across all aspects of life.

In this talk we will give a short introduction to storage cloud systems, an emerging technology to deal with this explosion of data. We will continue with a description of the VISION Cloud project, whose goal is to develop a powerful infrastructure for the reliable and effective delivery of data-intensive storage services, while facilitating the convergence of IT, media and telecommunications.  
We will present the main concepts and innovations at the foundation of the VISION Cloud architecture, and demonstrate it through examples taken from the domains of telecommunications, media, healthcare and enterprise software.
If you miss a webinar, you can also watch it later on demand since BrightTALK will make them available after recording. 
More information can also be found here and here.
Short Biography of presenter:
Hillel Kolodner is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the Systems Technologies department at the IBM Haifa Research Lab. Hillel holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a B.A. in Mathematics and a B.S.E. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, he is the principal investigator for VISION Cloud, an European Commission FP7 Integrated Project on storage clouds, where IBM leads a consortium of 14 partners from Industry and Academia across Europe. He also leads several storage cloud research activities in IBM.
We hope to see you at the webinar on June 13th. 

Linda Rath-Wiggins