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VISION Cloud at this time is one of the biggest research projects on future storage worldwide. As a result, the project has received considerable press coverage.
Press Releases
IBM and European Partners to Pioneer New Storage Cloud Architecture
(Nov. 15, 2010)
SNIA Europe Participates in the FP7 VISION Cloud Project to Promote Open Standards
(December 13, 2010)
Press Articles
Here is a list to articles about VISION cloud, which will be updated when new references are published. 
Financial Times: IBM aims to make clouds more intelligent 
(Technology news briefs)
By Geoff Nairn , November 15, 2010
IBM is out to make clouds smarter. It is leading a European research
initiative to develop a “smart cloud storage architecture” and so address
one of the biggest challenges in cloud computing, namely making sense of all the data that could potentially be stored in public clouds. At the
moment, the data stored in clouds only have a meaning within the
application that created them. The Vision Cloud initiative seeks to
abstract that meaning and store it with the associated data, so potentially
allowing many IT tasks to be done more cost-effectively in the cloud by
third-party providers of computing power. While the cloud revolution may be a long time coming, this research initiative points to a day when big
businesses could be run with very small IT departments and minimal
infrastructure of their own."
Fortune: Today in Tech
By JP Mangalindan, November 15, 2010
"The European Union is ponying up roughly $21.4 million for the
"Vision Cloud" research project, aimed at tackling current cloud
storage issues including the ability to run apps via cloud and data
mobility. IBM, Siemens and SAP will be involved."
Network Computing: IBM & Friends Tackle Future Of Cloud Storage
By Steve Wexler, November 15, 2010
"IBM has announced plans to develop a smart cloud storage architecture over the next three years. The EU-funded joint research initiative, estimated at $21.5M, involves 15 European partners. Called VISION Cloud -- Virtualized Storage Services for the Future Internet - the group plans to develop a new approach, where data is represented by smart objects that include rich information describing the content of the data and how the object should be handled, replicated, or backed up...
The new architecture is needed because we are being buried in data, he
says. According to IBM, we created as much as 150 exabytes (billion
gigabytes) of data in 2005. This year, we will create 1,200 exabytes. "For
the last couple of years, most companies are generating data faster than
they can store it."
Joe Clabby, Clabby Analytics, says this venture is similar to the European Grid Initiative, how the Europeans use grids/clouds to find unused computing power and exploit it. "This new initiative is all about doing the same sort of thing -- but for storage..."
Analyst Charles King, Pund-IT, calls this an "anticipatory initiative" in
that it assumes that as Internet usage continues to evolve, consumers and businesses will use the Web to access, consume and store increasingly complex "rich" data objects and resources including photos, videos, health records and financial records. "Creating the sophisticated data storage architectures and infrastructure capable of supporting rich data is the aim of the Vision Cloud initiative, and IBM and its partners should be applauded for the scope of this effort..."
Judith Hurwitz, Hurwitz & Associates. "Companies are looking to integrate data across public and private cloud (such as SaaS applications such as etc. and various other packaged SaaS offering in finance, HR, etc.) with the data that they are managing in their private clouds and within the data centers." 
GigaOm: Hundreds of Millions of Reasons to Believe in Cloud Storage
By Derrick Harris, November 14, 2010
"Cloud storage got a big shot in the arm this week in the form of tens of
millions in venture capital and research funding. Why? Because despite all the talk about applications and servers in the cloud, the real value lies
in data, and it must be housed somewhere...
Cloud storage represents a major opportunity for organizations because it lets them store terabytes of data without paying to build and maintain
traditional systems. For new web-based startups, cloud computing might fill the entirety of their storage needs –- primary, backup, archiving,
whatever. For more traditional businesses, much of the value lies in
backing up primary data and archiving relatively low-value data for
compliance reasons.
Cloud storage is not perfect, however, and there is work to be done in
areas like security, reliability and lock-in, in particular. The latter two
were addressed in part this week. Targeting reliability, particularly of
the Internet, Amazon Web Services released its Multipart Upload feature for its S3 storage service. IBM Research is tackling interoperability thanks to a $21.5 million (€15.7 million) grant from the European Union. The VISION Cloud project, led by IBM Research but comprised of representatives from various industries, aims to improve cloud storage by developing capabilities across four fronts, including “full data interoperability.”
Database Trends and Applications: IBM: ”Data Should be a First-Class Citizen
By Staff, November 15, 2010
"Data has always been looked upon as the bits and bytes that are stored
somewhere in disk arrays. No more - it has an intelligence all its own. To
this end, IBM announced that it is leading a joint research initiative of
15 European partners to develop a smarter cloud storage architecture that gives data more meaning. The 15.7-million-Euro, EU-funded initiative, called VISION Cloud - Virtualized Storage Services for the Future Internet - will develop a new approach, where data is represented by smart objects that include rich information describing the content of the data and how the object should be handled, replicated, or backed up.
The new architecture will use the knowledge of the content being stored to improve data mobility and enable more efficient and secure methods of
computation. The solution will offer easier access and improved value from the different types of content - whether medical data, telco information, TV shows, enterprise storage, or personal data.
"Users now require capabilities that are far richer than simple raw bits and basic storage," says Dr. Hillel Kolodner, IBM Haifa researcher and lead architect for VISION Cloud. "To satisfy this need, the focus must shift to the data - where the collections of bits are semantically meaningful and have associated metadata. Data should be a first-class citizen, where its importance is comparable to the computing power itself." 
ZDNet UK: IBM and 14 Partners in smart cloud initiative
By Jack Clark, November 15, 2010
On Friday IBM announced that it is leading a joint research initiative with
14 European partners to develop a new type of storage architecture for the cloud.
The initiative — VISION Cloud (Virtualised Storage Services for the Future Initiative) — is to develop a new metadata-based approach to data storage. It will seek to combine data interoperability, cloud-based storage and compute services to help sculpt the data and "content-centric" access to the data, so its display varies according to who accesses it, IBM wrote in a statement.
"Users now require capabilities that are far richer than simple raw bits
and basic storage," Dr. Hillel Kolodner, IBM's lead architecture for the
VISION Cloud project. "To satisfy this need, the focus must shift to the
data — where the collections of bits are semantically meaningful and have associated metadata."
IDG Sweden: IBM develops clouds for the EU (in swedish)
By: Martin Wallström, November 15, 2010
"We tackle some of the problems with cloud-based storage, such as adding metadata to the stored objects, such as video, "said Hillel Kolodner, who is a researcher at IBM in Haifa, and the chief architect for Vision Cloud, the IDG News.
With the help of cloud architectures and object management, it will be
possible to use a document file more purposes. The idea is to generate new data format that can be used safely by multiple providers, across
IT Business Edge: IBM Leading EU-Funded Cloud Vision
By Ainsley Jones, November 12, 2010
Telecompaper: IBM leads initiative to develop cloud storage architecture
By Staff, November 15, 2010
"The EU-funded initiative will develop a new approach, where data is represented by objects that include information describing the content of the data and how the object should be handled, replicated or preserved. The new architecture will use the knowledge of the content being stored to improve data mobility and enable secure methods of computation.
The Vision Cloud will unveil a storage cloud architecture which combines
several new concepts including an object data model, execution of
computations close to the stored content, content-centric access, and full data interoperability. Based on this architecture and the supporting
technologies, Vision Cloud will enable the delivery of new classes of
data-intensive services..."
THINQ: EU funds cloud storage project
By Gareth Halfacree, November 15, 2010
By gifting stored data with this kind of metadata, IBM believes that it can
develop a profitable business model for cloud data storage. Kristof
Kloekner, IBM Cloud's chief technology officer, claimed in a statement that "by optimizing delivery of data-intensive storage services, VISION Cloud will usher in a new era of more flexible, scalable, and secure cloud
storage that can be delivered in a pay-per-use model." IBM Shows VISION For Global Cloud Hosting Architecture
By Erin Monda, November 15, 2010
Does the world need a smarter cloud storage architecture in place?
IBM  thinks so. Noting that the world is generating data faster than one can store it, Kristof Kloekner, vice president of strategy and enterprise initiatives, systems and software, and also chief technology officer of cloud at IBM, said “we've become critically dependant on services that can extract valuable information from the data and help drive better decision making.”
In recognition of this assertion, IBM is leading a joint research project
with 15 European partners in order to develop a new smart cloud
infrastructure. Ultimately, the project aims to improve the worldwide
delivery of rich data and cloud storage services across a bevy of countries and vendors. IBM, European Partners Launch Joint Research Venture for Smart
Data Center Storage Architecture
By Shamila Janakiraman, November 15, 2010
"Also, this research project will solve problems faced by storage clouds
such as cost-effectiveness, data mobility across cloud providers, security guarantees and the huge demand for computing power that are affecting quality of service. Here data is represented by smart objects that include rich information describing the content of the data and how the object should be handled, replicated or preserved. T
The huge volumes of enterprise digital data generated has resulted in
critical storage issues. According to estimates about 150 exabytes (billion gigabytes) of data were generated in 2005. It is estimated that 1,200 exabytes will be produced in 2010.
Engadget: EU providing $21 million grant to IBM and others, funding research into cloud storage
By Tim Stevens, November 14, 2010
Clouds are beautiful things that fill our skies with wonderment, and as it
turns out they make awfully good places to store our precious data, too. In that way European Union wants to make them even better, providing a €15.7 million (that's $21.4 million US) research project called Vision Cloud. It's set to tackle a number of related storage issues, including the
ability to run applications within cloud storage, proper auditing and
access restriction, and mobility of said data, so that it can be accessed
from anywhere."
Web Host Industry Review: IBM Leads Collaborative EU Initiative to Develop New Cloud Storage Architecture
By David Hamilton, November 15, 2010
TechWorld (UK): Vendors have Vision for future storage 
By Staff, December 26, 2010
"The European Commission is investing €15,7 million in VISION Cloud, a research programme that will investigate cloud storage technologies and processeses." 
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By Johannes Schuster, November 12, 2010

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